Weekend alteration project – Top

Weekend alteration project, about 45 mintues. This is a silk salwar kameez top, bought online from India (pretty cheaply). It arrived a little too big for me, and I also didn’t love the full-cut pants that accompanied it; the whole effect was sort of enveloping. So I knew I wanted to either turn it into a dress, or something to wear with pants / jeans.

I took off six inches, which made it a slightly short but not *too* short dress length. The problem, though, was that the fabric was pretty translucent, so if I didn’t want everything on display, I’d need to either line the dress (tedious), or wear it with a slip.

I thought I’d be more likely to wear it as a top, esp. for teaching. I could’ve made it even shorter, but keeping it this length made it more clearly South Asian in styling. It still looks like a salwar kameez top, just a more contemporary / less modest one.

I also took it in a little at the torso — as you can see, there’s an original hemline, another one in white where they took it in, and the one in pink where I took it in. It’s still a little loose on me, but I wanted it to easily go on over my head, and if I’d wanted it closely fitted, I’d have had to add a zipper. I think the loose effect is kind of nice for this sort of silk top — not everything needs to be fitted, especially when the lean silhouette of the pants contrasts with the looseness of the top.

Just barely enough fabric for a coordinating mask. I’ve never made a silk mask before, and I have to say, they feel VERY nice on my face. I’m a little sad that Spoonflower doesn’t offer printing on actual silk. Alas.

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