Weekend alteration project – Top and mask

Weekend alteration project — reshaping a top and making a mask from the excess fabric. About 45 minutes.

When I found this top at a local secondhand shop, I immediately wanted it for teaching. But it had a slightly odd shape to it — very full, as if it might’ve meant for maternity (though it wasn’t labelled as such).

I thought about wearing it as a dress, but it’s quite short that way — I would’ve been worried about bending over and flashing the neighborhood. I could’ve added a black border or something at the bottom, to lengthen it, but I decided on a different approach.

I cut off six inches in the front (and seven in back, because it hung a bit longer there, and I didn’t want it hanging quite so much). Hemmed it up, and I like the shape much better for me now — it’s going to be a great first day of school outfit, I think. Still a little flared at the waist, nice for comfort with my mommy tummy, but not so much extra fabric just floofing around.

Even better, there was enough fabric cut off (I needed two 6×9 rectangles) to make a matching mask. Very fun. Be careful to only attempt this with suitable breathable fabrics, like 100% cotton or even better, silk.

Now I just have to figure out what I want to do with my hair for the start of the semester. I’m thinking it might be time to go purple again. 🙂

(Side note — those dark pink-red pants were in need of hemming; they’ve been hemmed up a bit since this picture.)

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