Weekday alteration project

Weekday alteration project. Please ignore clutter — still reorganizing basement.

I had Serendib & SLF & AYS meetings all morning, which was fine, but at lunchtime, took a break for 30 minutes of sewing. This is a casual dress that I bought from Gap or Old Navy, and I’ve worn it for a few years as is. But I decided it could be better.

For one, it’s not really scaled right for my body — I’m 5’0″, so I try to buy petite when I can, but often that’s not an option. This came low enough in the neck that you can see my chemo port scar, which is okay, but not necessarily something I want to show off all the time; it’s also a little low in the armpit. Easy fix — just shorten strap by an inch or so, which pulled up the whole dress a little bit. Definitely better — you can see the difference in photos 1 & 2.

Then there was length — it was fine at below the knee, but I like my legs and am happy to show off more of them; in summer, it’s also hot, so a little less fabric and more airflow is good. As a bonus, cutting off a 3″ strip at the hem gave me enough to make myself a coordinating headband. Enough for two, actually, so the other half went in the scrap bag for a future project. I like the length better (see photos 2 & 3 for difference), and I got a free headband. Score!

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