A Project Near and Dear to My Heart

Hey, writers & readers — I’d love your help with this project that is very near and dear to my heart. I need people to look at a short (under 5-minute) video, and then look at some study guide questions and some exercises — ideally, they’d try actually doing some — and give me feedback.

The basic concept is that at the SLF, I’m trying to build a giant open-access resource for creative writing and lit — think Khan Academy, but for fiction. To be used by people working on their own, anywhere in the world, and also by teachers who might find them helpful in the classroom.

We’re building out little modules, that can be used individually right now, but when we have enough of them, we’ll assemble them into suggested ‘courses’ as well — ecofiction, for example, or queer & women’s lit, or writers of color in SF, or the basics of craft, or an exploration of structure…there are a lot of possibilities. 🙂

So take a look at one of these early modules, if you have a few minutes, and either comment here or e-mail me (director@speclit.org) with your feedback. Thank you so much!

Please feel free to share with your writer / reader communities!


Deep Dives informational page: https://speculativeliterature.org/portolan…/deep-dives/

GRRM: https://speculativeliterature.org/…/george-r-r-martin/

Silvia Moreno-Garcia: https://speculativeliterature.org/…/silvia-moreno-garcia/

Paolo Bacigalupi: https://speculativeliterature.org/…/paolo-bacigalupi/

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