First Day of Highschool

Kavi had her first real day of high school today. For high school, my parents made me go to an all-girls’ prep school when all my friends were going to the local Catholic high school. Most of the students were boarders, and also mostly quite a bit wealthier (and whiter) than me. I got along with some of the other girls, but I think if you’d asked me in the first six months, I’d have said I didn’t really have any close friends at school.

For most of that first year, I went to my classes, kept my head down, and went to the library after classes to read until my dad finished work and could come pick me up. I got to be pretty friendly with the librarian (hi, Lois M. Hines!). Eventually, I met Lisette Bross over a Star Trek book I’d left behind in English class (thanks, Diane Duane, The Wounded Sky saved my high school social life!). Lisette was smart and pretty and popular and funny, and I kind of clung to her like a limpet – we turned out to be pretty good friends (and her other friends and roommates were nice to me).

All of which is to say, when Kavi comes back from her first day at 5:30, because after school, she of course went to go hang out at the library with her friends (of which there are so many that I can’t even keep track of all their names), AND tells us that she had a great first day, and made TWO NEW friends, one of whom is now making her a friendship bracelet, I do kind of wonder if the faeries left us a changeling child at some point. 🙂

But I’m happy for her!

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