Mama Wins

We wanted to do something nice with Anand at the end of the summer, since Kavi got to go to California for a week to visit the grandparents (Anand’s not vaccinated yet, so couldn’t go).

He loves the beach, so with Kavi starting high school today (eep), yesterday was our last chance to do a beach day. The weather was thankfully terrific (we’ve had lots of thunderstorms recently, so we could have easily been rained out), and it was really lovely taking a few hours out there.

We went to Montrose beach, which we haven’t been to before — I think we usually go to Foster. It was nice — not too crowded, lots of white sand. Very breezy and the only annoyance was a lot of sand flying in our faces at various points, but I think that would’ve been true anywhere along the lakeshore yesterday.

Kavi was a little lazy about going, but I pushed a bit (‘come do it for Anand…’); I was pretty sure she’d have a good time once she got there.

Last thing she said, as we were leaving the water: “I didn’t really want to come, and I was hungry and tired when we got here, but then it ended up really fun, and I loved it.”

Mama wins. 🙂

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