Weekend alteration project #3

Weekend alteration project #3. I do so much hemming. Oh, petites, you know these feels. Recommended podcast I listened to while working this morning: Love to Sew, episode 183: Petite Sewing. Some good tips, although mostly they’re much more advanced sewists than me, so much of it goes over my head. But they’re fun to listen to anyway.

This dress I actually have worn a bunch as it was, but it always felt a little bit like I was dressing up in Amma’s clothes, because the hem came to below the knee and made the whole dress feel just a little long (and oddly heavy) on me. I took off 4 inches and brought it to a little above the knee, and I think that works pretty well.
I like an even shorter skirt on me, but I didn’t want to shorten this *too* much, because I wanted to keep the top and bottom balanced, and this dress has a very defined waist. Happy with the result.

About 15-20 minutes for measuring, cutting, pinning hem, sewing. Sometimes I don’t bother to pin the hem and just roll it as I go, because I’m a wild woman that way, but I was feeling mildly meticulous this morning. May get sloppier as the day goes on. It’s still early. 🙂

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