Bear of Very Little Brain

Finally spent some hours writing today, after a few days of avoidance, and it feels good, but also stressful, because I’m kind of in the weeds with this story. It’s gotten long, and that’s okay, though I don’t know where I can send a roughly 25K story, but that’s a problem for another day. But I’m trying to pull a lot of different elements together, and I *think* it all works, but it’s a lot to keep in my head.

I am feeling like a bear of very little brain at the moment. Maybe I will go make cookies. Cookies are simple. Salted cherry & chocolate, I think.


“They started walking, and after a few steps, Amara’s hand instinctively reached for her wife’s. Narita always was a little hesitant about holding hands, or really any kind of public displays of affection; there would be a little pause, as if she wanted to pull away. Then she’d remind herself that Amara needed this, and so she’d interlace their fingers and hold tight. Amara might love her a little more for that, for pushing past her own instincts to gift Amara what she needed.”

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