Cleaned the Porch

Cleaned up the porch for the first time in a year-and-a-half for this party. It’s funny; I hadn’t really realized how dependent I was on hosting events for motivating myself to clean up until this pandemic hit and our home completely fell apart. Clawing our way back now.

One thing we did yesterday was move that blue chest from the dining room out here — I think it’s going to stay, because I could use more garden tool storage out here, and the top folds open to made a wider surface, making it perfect for hosting snacks and cocktails at a party. It was never really the right size piece for our dining room anyway. COVID means hosting events outside when possible, so making our front porch more functional seems like a good priority.

The only problem I have with the chest is that the porch floor slants a little (good for getting rain to slope away from the house), and the chest does too, and it bothers me. I’m not sure if I can shim it to level, but I think I’m going to try. At some point. Maybe not soon. 🙂

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