Beef and Fish Cutlets From Elite Indian Catering

I admit, I like my beef & fish cutlets better than the ones from Elite Indian Catering (, but on the other hand, I didn’t actually have to make these for my own birthday party, which has to count as a big win. They were just fine! And only 20 minutes west of here; I’ll be ordering from them for parties again, definitely! They’re Kerala-based, which has a lot of culinary overlap with Sri Lankan cuisine.

Their meat and fish cutlets looked very similar to each other, but I put the fish cutlets on the fish plate, so people could tell them apart. I was pleased with that solution. 🙂

Not pictured, the veggie samosas, the chicken biryani, and the mutton biryani, all of which were very yummy.

Please enjoy my lunar princess look! I’m not sure if anyone else actually took selfies at our lunar selfie station, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be showing up again at my next SF convention party, so it’ll get plenty of use. Possibly ALL my SF convention parties…

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