Birthday and Joker Moon Launch Party

50th birthday party tomorrow, merged with Joker Moon launch party. I’m going to bed in a few minutes, but with the kids’ help we’re partly set up, and I have left Kevin with a list of tasks to do after I go to sleep (he’s an owl, I’m a lark).

I’m mostly catering this, because I thought, ‘why should I make myself crazy cooking for three days for my own birthday party?’ Given that I slept very poorly the last two nights (camping), and I’ve already burst into tears once today for no good reason (I really don’t cope well with lack of sleep), I think catering most of the food was a wise decision.

I have gotten lots of different food I really like. So there will be sushi (from Chef Jeff), and there will be tiny sandwiches, and there will be chicken satay (from Starship), and there will be biryani and samosas and cutlets (Kerala, not Sri Lankan, but close enough, from Elite), and there will be caprese skewers because summer, and there will be pies from Happy Apple, and there will be caesar salad in case I’m feeling healthy (not likely, but you never know).

I’m going to sleep myself out in the morning too, and if I don’t get to cleaning up everything I meant to, my friends will not actually care.

I’m making myself a cake, though, because I didn’t trust a bakery to do a good job with the cake I wanted — Sri Lankan butter ribbon cake, with passionfruit frosting and fresh mango. 🙂 Will post recipe soon, probably tomorrow.

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