RWA Nashville Retreat Notes: A Grim Talk

I think the biggest ‘name’ presenting at the conference was probably Sherrilyn Kenyon; I haven’t read her work, but I gather she has many many books and has sold many many copies across the world. I took some notes at her talk, but I don’t know if it’s okay to share them, since she started off by asking people to put their phones in the center of the table, because she didn’t want anyone recording this.

It was a pretty grim talk — focused on coming back from hard times, and she’d been through a recent very rough divorce and big financial difficulties, fights with publishers, etc. Did you know that in most states, your spouse owns half your copyright? It started there, and got grimmer as she went, and as for Amazon and rights-grabs, whew. Well, I suppose I learned some things, but it wasn’t quite the heartening talk I went in anticipating from the title.

A few other pics from around:

• another great view of a waterfall, and those giant elephant’s ears give you a sense of what my little elephant’s ears might grow to be in the tropical climate they’re bred for — each one taller than me!

• the shirt with guitars I was very tempted to buy for Kevin, but he would not likely wear it, so I passed it by

• the last pic is me in one of their ‘selfie spots,’ though I don’t really think it’s a selfie if you need someone else taking the photo to get the full effect. Those are giant feathery wings behind me, and I think it’d be a pretty cool photo if you could actually tell that. Alas!

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