RWA Nashville Retreat Notes: I Regret Nothing

After my fancy dinner at City House, I needed a little bit of a constitutional to digest. 🙂 So I went for a walk for half an hour or so, very slowly wending my way towards downtown, though I wasn’t sure I would actually make it there. (Spoiler: I didn’t.)

It was very hot. Very very hot. Also humid. I do not think Nashville is a city I could happily live in, because that much heat would kill me dead. It would slay me and lay me out and dance on my corpse. I am not tough enough to live in Nashville.

But it is very pretty — lots of rolling green hills, lovely flowers I can’t identify. I lay under a tree for a bit and admired the sky. I wandered by the Tennessee State Library and Archives, and admired the various state critters, flora, etc. that were nicely displayed. Tip of the hat to Rep. John Lewis — very glad that he is getting at least a little of the honor that is his due. Incredible man, please go read March (graphic novel) if you haven’t yet, it’s amazing.

When the heat was just about to knock me out, I found a public park with fountains, and I may have splashed water all over my arms….and then ducked my entire head under the fountain. Twice.

I regret nothing.

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