RWA Nashville Retreat Notes: Eating Like the Locals

Slightly disappointed after lunchtime swim to find out that pool bar was not actually open — only 2 of the 7 resort restaurants were open for lunch yesterday, which many people were complaining about, so y’know, factor that into your plans if you’re coming to this kind of place, I think they don’t fully staff them always. In the evenings, when people are drinking post-conference, I imagine it’s more fully staffed, but lunchtime can be a bit of a desert.

I ended up grabbing lunch at Starbucks — pulled pork sandwich with Tennessee chow chow & Memphis BBQ sauce on a brioche bun. It was good! I would be happy if they offered this at my local Starbucks.

Although heavier than I usually eat, and I was kind of feeling it for the rest of the afternoon. Eating like the locals might be a bit of a challenge for my unaccustomed digestion. 🙂 But I will bravely throw myself on that hot chicken and that meat-and-three dinner…

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