Swim, Write, Every Day

I needed a few weeks off, I think, but came back to writing fiction today. Hoping to do a lot more of it this week, fingers crossed I keep focus. Daily goals for July — swim, write, every day. Sounds simple, right? We’ll see.


Narita could just imagine how badly that conversation would go, but she could tell it wasn’t going to be easy to talk her wife out of it. Fine. Deflect. Be strategic.

“There’s no way I can cope with my parents without a hot meal first, and I will not take you to them drenched and bedraggled. We eat something, we dry off and make ourselves presentable, we send them a message, and then we go for tea. That’s the deal – agreed?”

Amara wanted to argue, she could tell, but she also hated the idea of showing up at her parents-in-law’s home looking a mess. Narita was counting on that.

Her wife sighed. “Fine. A quick lunch.”

“I promise. Come on – it’s just a few blocks this way.”


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