Ridiculously Pretty

For my trip to CA, I stayed half the time with Jed, and half the time with Alex and Christa in Marin — their place is just ridiculously pretty. Christa is an artist, and has clearly brought an artist’s eye to designing their home and garden. I was just reading the most recent issue of House Beautiful and they featured a home in Marin, and honestly, I think Alex and Christa’s house is more beautiful. 🙂

Check out Christa’s paintings here: https://www.christagrenawalt.com

They kindly offered to host a book launch party for me, so photos on that shortly, but here’s just a quick wander around a few of the fabulous bits — we picked masses of blueberries off their bushes to go with dinner the first night, and do you see those espaliered fruit trees? Maybe I could get used to gardening in California…

After a year-and-a-half in one place, it felt like such a privilege to be able to visit someplace different and strange and beautiful…

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