Author Copy Day!

I have to admit, it’s SUPER-EXCITING to see my character on the cover of a Wild Cards book; Aarti’s story also opens the novel. V. satisfying.

I actually think Joker Moon (which you can read as a stand-alone) would work really well as a movie or TV miniseries; I hope some Hollywood people are open to that. How awesome would it be to have my character as a star? Played by…hm, dunno. Someone cool.

My story is an interstitial that runs through this mosaic novel — the first three sections are her in different time periods, then other writers’ stories start cutting in, and she interacts with them as time passes.

I’m really happy with the character development in this one, and a lot of the credit goes to George. He’s always pushing me to write more villainous characters, and I’m always reluctant, because I have a hard time seeing most people as villains, and also, I don’t really have a lot of interest in spending a lot of time in the head of a villain.

Aarti starts out as an ordinary person, and then circumstances press on her, until she ends up not actually a villain, but, um….morally compromised? I guess that’s as close to villainous as I’ve gotten so far. I’ll keep working on it. 🙂…/dp/B08GJR6DQS/ref=sr_1_2…

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