The Story of the Peach Tree

I’ve now bagged something like a hundred peaches on this tree. So far, the story of this tree:

Year 1: Nine peaches — we ate one incredibly perfect ripe peach, and then the damn squirrels took exactly one bite out of all remaining eight and dropped them on the ground. I was ready to murder them all.

Year 2: I tried wrapping netting around the whole tree, but to no avail — the squirrels had no trouble finding their way in through the netting. I may not have done a great job with that process. No peaches for us.

Year 3: A good number of peaches ripening, and then they all mysteriously disappeared (before getting to the squirrel-biting stage). Didn’t get around to netting.

Year 4: Ditto.

Year 5 (now): I think they’re bigger now than they were when they disappeared the last two years, which gives me hope that they’re past whatever took them out (there’s something called ‘peach drop’), and I’m trying these little individual nets, which are a lot easier to deal with than the net-the-whole-tree approach. Took me about an hour to net about a hundred peaches.

Fingers and toes crossed. We do love some ripe peaches here.

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