Last Day at Jed’s

My last day at Jed’s, and the plan is to alternate cooking, writing, and Terraforming Mars. We picked up the new TM card game — it was a Kickstarter thing, but it’s also now available at Target, so more on that shortly. The cooking is because Alex kindly offered to host a cookbook re-launch party for me at his place on Sunday, so I’ll be cooking lunch for his friends + a bunch of my friends. Funfun.

Tentative menu — it’s overloaded for the number of people, but I’ll probably drop a few things as we go, depending on time / energy levels. But I do have Jed to help me chop today, and Alex’s family to help me chop tomorrow — I can cook a LOT with sufficient sous chef assistance. 🙂 And we’re ordering a few things from a local Indian restaurant, which will help.


veggie ribbon sandwiches
cheese & chutney with crackers
dried mango & dates (from grocery store) — DONE
bitter gourd chips (from grocery store) — DONE

murukku (from grocery store) — DONE

deviled chili eggs — DONE
eggplant sambol — DONE
kaliya curry — DONE
mushroom and cashew curry — DONE
beet curry — DONE
tempered lentils
pol sambol
salmon curry — make Sat
ginger-garlic chicken — make Sun

kale sambol — make Sun

biryani (veggie or chicken or lamb) and plain rice (ordered) — DONE
naan (ordered) — DONE
raita (ordered) — DONE

papad (ordered) — DONE

fresh sweet lime juice — make Sat
mango-passionfruit punch or mimosa — make Sat

arrack sour — make Sun

rose / saffron-pistachio ice cream (from grocery store) — DONE
jalebi (from grocery store) — DONE
mango fluff — DONE
jaggery milk toffee — DONE (except for cutting)
pineapple & mango marshmallows — DONE (except for cutting)

tropical fruit salad — make Sun

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