Revving up the Writing Brain

No actual writing yet on this retreat, but so far I’ve:

– spent at least an hour talking through some characterization and structure stuff with Jed in his sunny backyard (lemons as big as your head! okay, not really, but some of them are pretty darn big)

– figured out some of the autumn/winter family and conference travel plans

– read a bunch more of Planetfall (reading good books counts as writing research and is also fun)

– wrote an e-mail I’d meant to write for a while, which should put me in touch with a professional editor who is going to talk over a novel draft with me, before I hopefully dive into revising it next week

– went for a 45 minutes exercise walk midday, because if I just sit on the couch all day, my brain stops working

So, clearly easing into the writing thing, but I’ll get there. At this point, I’m patient with the process, and know that it does usually take me a little while to rev up to writing again. Reading good books = revving up the writing brain…

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