Notes From the Road: Product Review, AnväNDA Bag ($149)


So, I’m a little annoyed at myself for actually liking this somewhat expensive bag, because it was served up to me as a Facebook ad. Oh well. However it came to me, I do really like it, and since I’m somewhat picky about bags and I normally travel a lot, I thought some of you might appreciate a review.

  • the big essential for me are the backpack straps; this is the only way I can carry weight for any length of time while travelling. But if you’d prefer, it also comes with a shoulder strap, and you can configure it as a duffel bag, messenger bag, shoulder, or tote. (If I’m sharing this with Kevin, he might prefer messenger, for example. Easy to switch.)
  • I also like the styling, a lot. It’s got that world traveller look, but manages to be professional enough for business, casual enough for adventure, and even appropriate for running around town doing errands. Great aesthetic. (It comes in a variety of solid colors, plus camouflage and a really pretty peacock print that tempted me; I went neutral instead, though.)
  • I love that the strap that buckles over the top zipper provides added security AND lets you attach it very securely to the handle of a rolling suitcase. My rolly has wheels that let it go in any direction, and with this strapped on, it was really easy to walk a long distance through the airport with almost no effort.
  • it came with a reflective rain cover, which I currently have tucked into the bottom of the bag; nice option for protecting electronics if caught in torrential downpour (for a short, light drizzle, I think the bag itself will protect sufficiently)
  • it fits my 13-inch laptop in the laptop sleeve, but I could wish it was maybe 1 inch wider; even though they claim it fits a 15″ or 17″ laptop, it’s a little tight getting my 13″ laptop in and out if the bag is packed fully; so far, that’s my only real complaint
  • right now, mine is holding: laptop, tablet, kindle, hoodie, thin travel blanket, bag of device power cords, a large plastic container of rice and curry, wallet and phone. That’s packed pretty full — you could slip a hairbrush or a non-bulky waterbottle in there if you tried, I think, but it would be some effort. It does have a water bottle pocket, to help keep it upright.
  • this is very different from my BIG space backpack, which can hold a lot more, but certainly for domestic travel, this is plenty for me. (For an international flight, I might want a print book, some magazines, paper and my roll of colored pencils for drawing, and a lot more snacks. I give up on travelling light when I’m going international; the priority shifts to having everything I need for survival and ideally pleasant diversion, even if I’m stuck on a runway for eight hours (which has happened). If I have enough snacks to share with a neighbor, even better.)
  • I did get the standard bag; there’s a large version, but that’s quite a bit larger, and would dwarf my frame, I think. Although maybe I’d get it for international travel; we’ll see if I continue to love this bag after a few trips. Använda Large GFB has a 27 liter capacity. Normal size is 17 Liters.
  • they give you the option of vegetarian leather if you prefer
  • I picked the option with a USB charger built in, but I didn’t get around to actually investigating that — I’m assuming I need to charge an internal battery before travelling if I want to use it.
  • it has an outside pocket for convenience and an inside pocket for security

Overall: Highly recommended, 5/5 stars. Använda.

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