An Increased Sense of Responsibility

It is so strange — ever since running for office and being elected, I feel this increased sense of responsibility. So when a tornado warning went off tonight, yes, I went to go check on the kids and decide with Kevin whether we needed to wake them and head to the basement…

…but I also felt like I had to go online and post to all the community forums I administer, spreading the word about the tornado watch, and then answering people’s questions and relaying info from the news sites.

I’m pretty sure being elected to the library board, or even to the school board, doesn’t actually make me responsible for making sure the community of 63,000 souls (52,000 in Oak Park and 11,000 in River Forest) is as safe as it can be during a tornado watch….but tell that to my subconscious.

(And after all, if not your elected officials, then who? It’s not as if we have a tornado czar around here.)

But the warning’s past, and now, I really have to wind down and get my subconscious to let me go to sleep. Everyone is fine, and tucked up in their beds. Nothing else needs to be managed and worried over tonight…

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