Today Is Mostly a Sewing Day

I’m going out of town tomorrow (writing retreat at Jed’s + writing retreat at Alex’s, in Bay Area, will be gone for 10 days), so I’m trying to sew and get some orders out the door before I leave.

I ended up talking late with Kevin last night, so I’m a little groggy; easing into it. Sewing while sleepy –> not recommended. The coffee will surely kick in soon. I started with some ironing, and have managed to not burn myself.

This was a test swatch of organic sweet pea gauze in pale purple, that I’m planning to sew up into a swaddle blanket. I don’t have an order for this yet, so I’ll probably wait to sew the sample until after I get back, but I’m happy with how the fabric looks after washing and ironing. So now the swaddle blankets will be available in pastel pink, blue, purple — and I’m about to iron a hot pink version too, which is going to look great, I think. Not all babies wear pastels. 🙂

This is exactly the kind of print I would’ve loved when my kids were swaddle-sized, so it’s a little bittersweet sewing them now. Ah well, perhaps someday there will be grandkids to sew them for. We’ll see…

I *don’t* like the the white-on-yellow, which I’m going to pull down from my Spoonflower store; it looks fine on screen, but the white totally disappears when printed on loose-weave fabric; I don’t want anyone to buy that and be disappointed. Alas, alack, but it’s a learning process.

Yellow on white might work all right, though; I’ll try reversing it and see. Possibly with a slightly darker shade of yellow, to get more contrast.

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