Looking to Add a Dog

Putting it out into the universe that we are possibly looking to add a dog to our family. Characteristics desired:

  • strong preference for shelter dogs
  • preferably not a puppy, but young-ish; 1-2 years old would be ideal
  • gets along well with our tolerant old beagle-mutt and our adolescent and somewhat bossy cat
  • not super-high-energy; content with a house and fenced yard and a daily walk, but not needing a lot of high activity playing
  • kid and people friendly; this is normally a busy house with a lot of people coming and going, so we need all pets to be very gentle and easy-going
  • no preference otherwise on breed, size, etc.
I’m tentatively planning to go to the same great shelter where we originally got Ellie after I get back from this trip; they did a terrific job interviewing us and then pairing us with a dog who was well suited to our family at the time.

But just in case someone local happens to know the ideal dog, thought I’d mention here.

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