I Just Love This

My Serendib & SLF staff are getting vaccinated, which means we can start having in-person meetings again. Darius and Emmanuel were able to come by for a few hours of work today:

– I made them move a dresser two flights of stairs (without warning them in advance, but they were cheerful about it) — we’ll use it to store packing supplies for Serendib in the basement
– I spent a while filling them in on some genre Hugo Award stuff + writer gossip, which is a conversation we probably wouldn’t have had in a Zoom meeting
– I think I may have talked Emmanuel into taking over administering the Fountain Award, so the SLF may be bringing it back next year
– they worked on computer stuff for a few hours, tossing questions around on occasion, sorting out things much faster than we could’ve online
– I didn’t have the energy to cook after staying up late with George last night, so I ordered pizza to feed us, and also sent them away with some leftover milk toffee and coconut rock,

…and I just love this.

It is SO MUCH BETTER having the option to meet in person on occasion; it’s just a different kind of conversation that happens.

I think we’re going to aim for once-a-week in-person meetings at the house going forward, with the rest remote…because remote is also very convenient, no commuting time, can put in laundry in between work tasks, etc. and so on.

I’m not sure what my ideal workplace would look like, but maybe in person 1-2 days of the week (for max 6-hr days, and definitely a meal with co-workers as part of that), and the rest remote? Hm….

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