An Hour Between

I had an hour between graduation ceremonies (due to social distancing, they’ve divided the graduates into two groups), so I decided to come home and make a cup of tea and grab a cardigan for the evening and change into flats, because I am so unused to wearing even stacked heels that after an hour, my feet were hurting.

Sorry, graduates, I will be the very shortest board of education member, so not very imposing, but that doesn’t mean I’m not immensely proud of you all!

It was really lovely seeing all the joy after this hard year. They are all like my little cherry tomato, grown from seed and utterly beautiful.

Although I did fear for all the girls wearing spike heels as they went up and down the stairs, managing their gowns and diplomas and all! A few kids did trip a bit, but they all managed to catch themselves, whew.

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