Firmly in Summer Mode

The grandparents have headed off to the airport, so we’re now firmly in summer mode here. Errands to run, housing repairs, garden work, writing and crafting. The pace is definitely slower than during the school year; I needed that.

Pleasant morning, doing finish work on these constellation keychains. I had a request to do 20 of them to distribute to a group of graduates (‘to the stars!’); I poured and set the resin over the weekend (learning how to use UV resin in the process), and this morning, hung out on the phone with Roshani while I sanded the edges smooth and attached the pieces to keychains.

I have a few left (3rd photo) , so planning to photograph them individually shortly, and ask Stephanie Bailey to add those to the Serendib store. I think I’ll just leave them as individual pieces, and let people decide if they want them made up into necklace with pendants or keychains? Is that too complicated? I mean, I can go ahead and pick in advance, but what if someone wants a necklace and it’s only listed as a key chain? I can easily convert anything, but that probably won’t be obvious to people, so just making it a drop-down menu choice makes sense to me, I think.

It’s going to be fun bringing a few of these to WisCon’s art show next year. 🙂

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