Experimented With UV Resin This Weekend

It was definitely a learning experience.

PLUS SIDE: cures in a few minutes (instead of 48 hrs), doesn’t start curing until exposed to either UV light or sunlight, so long working time, easy to wiggle your little inclusions around to exactly where you want them

MINUS SIDE: massive shrinkage, so for anything larger than a small pendant, you have to work in very thin layers (I’d say 3 of them, for the molds I was using), or you end up with weirdly deformed pieces (front and back of one pictured here) — also notably more expensive than regular resin.

Impatient me definitely likes it still, but I think I’ll stick to using it for small pieces, like jewelry and keychains and bookmarks; if I want to resin anything larger, I’ll use the regular resin and just be patient. (Patience is NOT one of my virtues.)

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