Free Tomato Seedlings

! Oak Park library trustee Ted Foss is passing along lots of extra tomato seedlings, and I’ll be distributing them on my porch today, Sunday, starting at 1 p.m.

Please stop by anytime after 1 and help yourself to 1-3 plants. I recommend bringing a smartphone if you can; the tomatoes are tagged with their names, but there’s no other info, so if you have a smartphone, you can look them up by name and learn what kinds they are — all unusual varieties.

I may also get some of my own extra seedlings out there (flowers, etc.), if I get motivated to move quickly, no promises. 🙂 I’ll put those on a separate table, if so, and you can help yourself to any of those you want.

I’ll try to keep an eye on the porch and post when they’re gone, but I’ll likely be out for a few hours during the afternoon (visiting grandparents).

If you want to give yourself a tour of my garden while you’re here, please feel free to wander around — you can check out the back garden too, which has some interesting elements, including the writing shed (feel free to step inside and look around, esp. if you’re considering building a shed yourself), but a) the back is quite messy, so brace yourself, and b) we have a slow, old dog who may be meandering around the back; she’s happy to be petted if you like. Please close the gate behind you so she doesn’t get out.

Ignore the weeds (I haven’t even started weeding this year, I’m so behind); enjoy the flowers. 🙂

332 Wisconsin, the blue and purple house, near the YMCA.

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