Swapped the Heater for the Fan

I’ve swapped out the heater in my shed for the fan; it’s going to be warm today, and a fan is key towards making my shed pleasant for working.

I’m slowly easing towards summer schedule; grades were turned in last week. I’m thinking of this week as ‘transition’ before the serious dive into summer writing — trying to get the house and garden and garage in better order, mostly, as well as finishing up a few remaining bits of paperwork from the semester.

I MIGHT actually get to writing a bit today; we’ll see — I know what the next two scenes I want to write are, which is a good sign. 🙂

Kevin’s parents are coming to visit this weekend, which is pretty exciting — we haven’t had guests in over a year-and-a-half. They’re fully-vaccinated, of course, as are Kevin and I, and Kavi’s had her first shot, so I think it’ll be relatively safe.

Of course, we usually run around and do stuff with them, and we aren’t so much ‘doing stuff’ these days, but maybe we’ll do a little bit. I think Kavi wants to go mall-shopping for her birthday, so that might be a nice outing with her grandmother; Oakbrook is a big open-air mall, so probably a decent option.

They also wanted to do an escape room, and that feels pretty safe too, since there will be few other people in the building, and no one else in the room with us. That might be it for ‘outings’! It’s just a four-day visit, so they’ll probably be okay with just hanging out with us, puttering in the garden, etc.

My plans for today, aside from general catch-up:

– at 10, meet with new volunteer Summer van Houten about working on the SLF’s Portolan Project; I’m hoping to set her to starting to put together study guides to go with our podcast episodes and the interviews I’d previously done — DONE
– talk to Margaret Treanor Frey at noon about the comic — DONE
– review and sign off on SLF arts grant application due today — DONE
– call the HVAC people to ask about spring maintenance schedule — DONE
– finalize 2-3 more recipes for Vegan Serendib (trying to finish them all by end of May) — 1 DONE

– plant all the plants — 2 PLANTED

– deal with a last little bit of library board work
– write up some final thoughts on library board service
– get my school board e-mail sorted out (why I have so much trouble with board e-mails, I don’t know, it’s been a perennial issue, but I’m determined to get this one fixed early)
– write a scene or two?
– swing downtown at 3 p.m. and pick up some paint from Farrow & Ball; we had some water damage that needs touch-up, and the handyman comes tomorrow
– call a roofer to get an estimate about a new roof (sigh)
– tie up the various clematises and other vines

– mow the lawn

Some of this will likely spill over to tomorrow. 🙂

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