Food for Camping

Coming off of Kavi’s birthday party, I didn’t prep much food for camping — sometimes I make curry and freeze it in advance, to heat up over the fire. And mas paan (beef curry bun) is really nice to have for an easy meal that doesn’t require a fire.

But I did find our sandwich / pie maker, and made myself a really yummy toasted cheese sandwich for dinner (don’t forget to butter the outside of the bread), so that was nice. Note that photo is incorrect — I should’ve scraped off the edges before putting it in the fire. It’s been a while since I used one of these!

My mom used to make great sandwiches like this, with a spiced tuna fish mixture inside — I’m not sure anyone else in my family would eat that, though. Also, I don’t know what was in that recipe — should find out. Sri Lankan peeps, any ideas? Maybe it’s just the same filling that we use for fish buns…

Grilled peppers and grilled pineapple were a good addition; I forgot to buy corn. Next time! I also had enamel cookware, but forgot utensils, so I had to improvise utensils with our marshmallow skewers — spreading butter with a skewer is a bit of a trick, but I managed.

I was a little cranky because the wood the campsite gave us just didn’t seem to want to catch — we kept having to scavenge twigs off the ground to keep it going, despite having and using a bunch of fire starters. Kevin thinks maybe the wood was damp, but I don’t see why they’d store it someplace where it could get damp, so I’m really confused. I build fires pretty often at home, and don’t usually have this much trouble. Ah well.

On the plus side, remember that orange hat with headlamp that I bought for nighttime gardening? It works really well for scavenging twigs at night too. 🙂

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