A Leisurely Place

We settled in pretty quickly, and did a little exploring. Camp Bullfrog is basically some cabins and tent / RV spots around a small lake. There are supposedly two trails going off from it, but unfortunately, the trail nearest us was closed off — not sure why. COVID-related? We didn’t check out the farther away trail; I’m planning to call before going back there, to find out the situation. Was a little frustrating not being able to get into the actual woods.

This is a very accessible site, though, for those looking for that — nice paths all around the lake, the big cabins fully-accessible, etc. If you’re looking for a leisurely place to hang out with a small or larger group, this is a nice choice. Note that right now, the pavilions and picnic areas are closed due to COVID; you can’t reserve or use them. But if you have a cabin, there’s a fair bit of space around the fire pit in back.

Lots of pretty black birds swooping overhead, with bright orange stripes on the wings. Anyone want to ID those for me? 🙂

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