A Weird Year for Writing

Finishing up taxes. It’s been a weird year for the writing (etc.) business — no travel expenses, for one. But also dramatically expanding staffing. Income was pretty decent, still running at a loss overall, but I think that’s okay, since I’m actively growing the business. At some point, though, it’d be nice to break even, or even better, profit? Must sell more books. 🙂

Glad I got to keep paying my staff despite pandemic; I probably should’ve applied for some of the PPP money, but oh well. It wasn’t going to make the difference between keeping my business going or not, and I figured other small businesses needed it much more urgently.

If I sold all the copies of Feast left at cover price, that’d be an additional $50K or so in income. The pandemic really crushed sales, since we had to cancel all that book tour. Ah well. I’m planning to do book tour with Vegan Serendib, so really, it’ll be for both books, hopefully.

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