A Pandemic Board Game Night

I miss people. Help me think this through. Pre-pandemic, we did close to weekly potluck board game nights, which I really enjoyed. I’ve been itching to do them again. Does it seem reasonable to do:

– backyard / front porch potluck & board games (we have a 10×10 tent, but would probably just cancel if it rained unexpectedly)
– only play games that don’t have lots of fiddly little pieces that would fall into the grass and be lost forever
– let people duck in to use the restroom, grab water, etc., but plan to basically stay outdoors

– ask for fully vaccinated people only

In our area, I think by this point all adults have now had free access to vaccines, so if people still aren’t vaccinated, it’s either:

• by choice, OR
• they’d like to be vaccinated, but are having a hard time getting off work / are afraid of vaccine side effects interfering with responsibilities, OR

• possibly they have an underlying condition that’s getting in the way. (I don’t know, for example, if COVID vaccination is contraindicated for pregnant people, or people going through chemo, etc.)

I feel a little weird about saying ‘fully vaccinated only,’ but I also want to really limit the chance of hosting something that might contribute to community spread. What do you think?

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