Phase 3 of the Party

All the cooking is done now, and we’ve moved to Phase 3 of the party, Camping! Not really, but camping vibe? I offered to set up tents and such so they could have a socially distanced outdoor sleepover, but Kavi didn’t go for it. So I just built them a fire in the backyard, and we ordered pizza in case they were still hungry — but honestly, they were pretty full after all the ‘spa’ food and donut-making. Maybe they’ll be able to fit in a slice or two in another hour. There are also chips and s’mores fixings.

Last masked birthday photo, I hope. We told them they could take off masks if they were outside and eating / drinking, but they needed to put them back on inside. They’re so used to masking now, since they do it for school; it’s become second nature to them.

So glad these girls have managed to maintain their friendship through the pandemic. It’s been tough for all of them, I think; Kavi’s certainly had a hard time with the lack of socialization for much of last year. She’s been so much happier since she started going back to school.

Six weeks until they’re all fully-immunized, and then we can let them have sleepovers again. Can’t wait!

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