It’s Kavi’s Birthday on Tuesday

She’s having a small party today with her three best girlfriends. We waffled for a while on theme, but ended up deciding it would be a Spa/Donuts/Campfire party. 🙂

Phase 1, from 2-4: Welcome to Serendib Spa — we’ve set up manicure / pedicure and face mask items on the front porch, gift bags with beauty products to take home (and a nice water bottle), and I’ll be putting out some spa-like nibbles and beverages next.

The girls will stay outside for this phase, though they may need to duck into the house to wash off face masks, which is fine. At least 3 of the 4 got their first vaccination already, which is certainly a relief!

Do I have more fun planning and hosting Kavi’s birthday party than she does attending it? Well, maybe not MORE fun, hopefully, but lots of fun, certainly…


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