A Combination That Makes for a Sleepy Mary Anne

The combination of a Bujold book dropping just before bed and a 7 a.m. U+ board meeting makes for a sleepy Mary Anne. 🙂 But I have things that MUST be done today (grades are due, for one), so I’ll try to power through.

One aspect of the U+ board meeting is trying to figure out if I can attend the Other Futures festival in Amsterdam. It’s November 5-6, which unfortunately overlaps with World Fantasy in Montreal, but I haven’t committed to World Fantasy yet, so I might do this instead.

Trying to figure out funding, airfare / hotel, etc. If I go, I’d love to meet people in Amsterdam, do readings, etc., so if you happen to be from there and can give me some guidance, that would be much appreciated.

It’s also, I admit, very strange to be potentially planning a non-essential international trip in this second year of the pandemic. And yet, I’m fully vaccinated, and assuming the U.S. / the Netherlands are not requiring quarantine, allowing travel, etc., I think it should be okay? Oh, re-entry is going to be strange.

I’ve just booked a trip to California in mid-June, to see Jed Hartman and have a little writing retreat / workshop with Alex. I have a hooded face shield to wear, just for an added layer of protection (which feels very futuristic, somehow), and my flight is non-stop, which will at least minimize airport time. I think it’ll be fine. But still feels a little weird.

(I’m somehow having trouble finding the current link for the Other Futures festival, but this is the one from last year, that was postponed: https://www.nica-institute.com/other-futures-2020/)

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