Greyhaven Evolving

I’m really happy with how the river house, Greyhaven, has evolved in my parkway garden. I’ve added some more lapis lazuli chips to lead the Esthely River under the porch steps and along the front of the house (where the sisters like to sit and read together). Yes, it’s a little goofy to use somewhat expensive chips instead of much cheaper glass stones to make the river, but it is SO pretty, I have no regrets. 🙂

The river curves around to the bridge, where we meet bunny siblings Cicely and Parsley, passes by the Ent grove (with just one Ent right now, but perhaps more will show up), and then circles a sedum before disappearing into the Deep Woods.

(Thank you to all who submitted names for the bunnies! It was a hard choice. Diana’s younger sister needs a name, if you’d like to weigh in.)

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