Houseplant Love

Finished packing up items to show the folks at Carnivore, including this newly-sewn scarf. I called the original pattern “Wall o’ Plants,” because I was thinking of it for a wallpaper, but I think “Houseplant Love” would also work well.

Kavi doesn’t wear scarves, because at almost-14 she is:

a) never cold, and

b) has yet to learn the value of accessorizing,

…but she did say she thought this one looked cool. 🙂 I’d wear it with a solid dark blue top, I think!

Wish me luck at the pitch meeting. I don’t have time to do a LOT of making things to sell in local stores, but it would be really fun to have some of my goodies at various spots around town.

Carnivore is an easy walk away, so that’s an obvious one for me (and as a bonus, I’ll probably pick up dinner for us for tonight from there) — I’ll have to research a little to find out what other shops around town carry locally-made goods. Maybe SugarBeet Co-op? I think they have local soaps….

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