Locals, I have a TON of these — they’re the traditional Mother’s Day flower, so if you’d like to dig up a few and take them away for yourself or your mama, please do. Ideally swinging by tomorrow between 11-4, when we’re having the maker faire, but if that doesn’t work, let me know, and we can probably find an alternate time this week.

Note that they are aggressive spreaders, so if you’re planning to put them in the garden, only put them where you’re okay with that. They will crowd out natives, for example, if you’re aiming towards native gardening. But they’re perfectly fine in pots, and the scent is heavenly.

If I have the time / energy this evening, I may also have some potted up for sale tomorrow, offered along with lily-of-the-valley soap, and possibly some lilac & lilies bath salts.

(By this time next year, I’d really love to have some coordinating tea towels and scarves for sale that we’ve designed here — we’ll see. 🙂 )

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