Travel Log: Getaway Barber Creek, Page 4/10

On arrival around 6, the kids took to the woods for a little exploration, Kevin lay down for a bit (poor munchkin is still having headaches and eye issues, alas), and I started working on the fire. They have bundles of firewood and kindling starts (very effective and easy to use) in the big bin next to the picnic table.

They’re available for purchase (I assume they count and deduct the appropriate amount from your credit card, like the room refreshments); prices seemed very reasonable to me — something like $7 or so per bundle. We ended up using two bundles of wood and two kindling starts over four hours of fire, and it was worth every penny. You’re asked not to scavenge from the woods, but you could, of course, bring your own wood if you wanted.

It was a little chilly yesterday, so a fire was very much appreciated. I huddled next to it for a bit, until I’d warmed up. The cabin itself has climate controls, so you can adjust the heat and air conditioning as you like to your comfort; that seemed to work very well. But who wants to stay inside when you can be by the fire instead?

(Well, Kevin sometimes. I love him, but he’s a weirdo.)

In photo 4, Kavi is asking Anand whether it’s better to have a long skinny stick for a weapon, or a shorter, sturdier one. 🙂

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