Travel Log: Getaway Barber Creek, Page 3/10

For food, there’s a nice little kitchen with all the basics you need (no microwave) for cooking indoors. There are various snack-y / tea & coffee type things inside for purchase at reasonable prices, and you can also order a provisions box in advance for another $30 or so, which gets you a few meals’ worth of pasta and such.

We did bring food with us, but you don’t have to. There’s also grocery stores within a 15-minute drive. We ended up using one of their herbal teas and a hot chocolate.

They give you complimentary s’mores, which I wish I’d known in advance, ’cause we might’ve skipped bringing our own. On the other hand, their marshmallows were really stale, so we ended up giving up on them and using ours. 🙂 The long sticks were nice, though.

They also have mosquito wipes for purchase; we brought our own spray, but this time of year I guess there aren’t mosquitoes there, so that was nice.

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