Travel Log: Getaway Barber Creek, Page 2/10

So if you’re just going as an adult (or two adults), you get a queen size bed with a huge window view of the woods.

If you want a second queen size bed, it’s lofted into the same space, which actually worked fine for us. The kids had a lot of fun being up in the loft, and we still got plenty of woods view. Not so much privacy for adult time, of course, so keep that in mind if what you really want is a romantic getaway….

You’re asked to register your dog if you’re bringing them, which we did ($40), and that also gets you two dog bowls, two more little towels to use with them (good for muddy paws?), a bag of dog treats, and a set of poop bags.

They ask you keep your dog leashed whenever they’re out of the cabin, and I admit, we were a little lax about that, but only because Ellie is very slow and old and a bit limp-y now — she doesn’t dash off anywhere anymore. It’s more of a leisurely amble. But if I were bringing a more active dog, I’d bring a ground stake and a long tie for it, so they could wander all around the campsite as they wanted.

I’ll also note that if your dog isn’t going to sleep on the bed with you (and they ask you to keep muddy dogs off their nice white bedding if you can), the quarters are a little tight. There’s a table and two chairs in the cabin too, and if you move the chairs away, you can tuck a dog bed under the table (which we did, really glad we remembered to bring her dog bed with us), but then that blocks the door to outside and the bathroom, making letting the dog out at night or using the toilet yourself a little complex. It was all manageable, but something to be aware of.

As you can see in the fourth photo, there are other campsites pretty close by, but separated by some trees.

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