Swaddled in Crepe de Chine

More Spoonflower fabric arrived today. I’m luxuriating in bed, swaddled in crepe de chine, trimming off selvages while I watch slightly goofy TV. Roshani recommended Shadow and Bone, new on Netflix. Very dramatic, very YA, I think? Is this based on a YA series? It has that feel to it…

Is it a valid way to figure out which designs to print as scarves if I basically make scarves *I* want to wear? I mean, that seems logical to me, but there are three potential problems:

• I like them so much, I sew one up, and then I just want to keep it,

• I can’t actually wear a different scarf every day of the year, that’s just silly, and

• just because I think wearing a peacock Mayura Raksha on a scarf is super-cool, doesn’t mean anyone else will. 🙂 They’re believed to bring peace, harmony and wealth, though. Who doesn’t like that?

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