Oak Park Makers

Okay, advice requested. So I’m one of the hosts for a local outdoor maker faire on Sunday, May 2, 11 – 4, held to benefit New Moms. There will be three other vendors at my house that day!

I think the tentative plan is that I’ll set up on the porch, Madhurima Chakraborty will have her jewelry in the front garden, and two more vendors will be in the back garden (good chance to check out the shed, if you’re interested!). Andre Dobbs will also have jewelry, and Angie Palma will have Tshirts, etched glassware, & tote bags.

Here’s my question — what should I put out?

– cookbooks and other books I assume — those are done, so it’s just a matter of putting them out
– curry powder in little jars — also have a fair bit fresh-roasted this weekend, so that’s easy

– greeting cards, postcards, photo prints

– Sri Lankan sweets (cashew milk toffee, passionfruit marshmallows, coconut rock, sesame balls)?
– interesting chocolates? (dragonfruit, for example)
– tea towels? (geeky, literary, botanical, Sri Lankan)
– scarves?
– geeky masks?
– resin jewelry? (maybe skip or minimize, since there are two other jewelry makers on site?)
– resin bookmarks?

– soaps and bath salts? (I have some on hand, but maybe make some extra lily-of-the-valley soaps for Mother’s Day?)

I mean, I can just put all of it out, but the tea towels and scarves and masks would require some sewing time, the sweets would require some cooking time, and I have a new kind of resin jewelry / bookmarks I’d like to try making, and that will also require some making time.

I guess I’m asking, if I don’t have time to make all that this week (it’s the last week of classes, so I’m still teaching!), what should I prioritize? If you’re local and thinking you might stop by to shop, would particularly love your input — no commitment necessary.

Although if you want to commission something in advance (a particular tea towel, a set of confections, etc.) to be sure I’ll have it on hand, that’s also probably do-able. 🙂

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