Morning Star Sedge in the Garden

Had a little fun with product photos this afternoon — this is “Morningstar Sedge” in the garden. Wouldn’t this be a nice gift for a gardening friend, for Mother’s Day, or for yourself? 🙂 Especially for those who love native plants, and/or brutally efficient weaponry.

Tried a new Spoonflower fabric, the poly crepe de chine, and it has a really lovely feel to it that’s hard to describe. Silky-smooth, but with a very subtle grainy texture; feels luxe. Beautiful drape, and because it’s poly rather than silk, it can be machine washed (though I’d still recommend cool and gentle).

These will be an option for summer Patreon boxes, but can also be purchased from our shop, as soon as Stephanie Bailey has a chance to add them. The three options shown:

– green & blue background, double-width, $49.99
– dark green background, $29.99

– white background, $29.99

If you can sew, the fabrics are also available for sale at Spoonflower now. Also available on a lavender or pink background. The design is also available as wallpaper!

Link here.

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