Lavished With Affection

Quick note that the people who took in Sripati have dropped a note at my door. They are very apologetic, would like to adopt him, have offered to reimburse all of our medical costs so far. (We told them that wasn’t necessary, especially since the Arecibo observatory people who originally found the kittens covered the first round of expenses.)

They’re older, and while they did check for neighborhood signs for lost cats, they missed the signs we did put up, weren’t on the FB groups where I was posting about his being missing, and it didn’t occur to them to look for a microchip. After the thing with the vet last year, they apparently tried to call to ask us about adoption — I’m not sure why we didn’t get that call. Maybe they misdialed.

Anyway — a lot of stress all around, but at least Sri is in a home with people who adore him; we’ll be giving them his medical paperwork and transferring over ownership. I do think Arya was aggressive at him and didn’t really want to share our home with his brother, so he’s probably at least as happy there — they have no other pets or kids at home, so can lavish him with all their affection.

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