Some Additional Items Added

Finishing up the spring Patreon orders today — this one has some additional items added, a couple of scarves and a tea towel. We’re getting ready to start selling scarves, tea towels, soaps, and resin jewelry directly through the same Serendib House store where we currently sell masks and books and curry powder. Fun. 🙂 I’m hoping to add aprons soon, for kitchen and garden.

Most items will take a few weeks to make and ship, quantities are limited by my capacity, so please plan ahead for your birthday and holiday (Mother’s Day) gifting needs.

Hmm…part of what i’m trying to figure out is how much inventory to have on hand. So if you have requests for things that you’d like to see in the shop, such a “Unicorn Woods” chiffon scarf in lavender, or a lily-of-the-valley soap for Mother’s Day, please do drop them in the comments. No commitment to buy necessary; this will just help me gauge interest. (Stephanie Bailey, can our shop do a ‘wish list’ function? If so, we should add that.)

Pictured: “Starry Woods” tea towel in silver, “Unicorn Woods” yellow chiffon infinity scarf, “Unicorn Woods” teal jersey infinity scarf, “Unicorn Woods” double-width jersey infinity scarf in silver and deep blue.

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