I didn’t have time to design for the Spoonflower contest this week — but the theme was Intergalactic Adventures, so I COULDN’T skip it completely. I really wanted to do a design with brown girls in space, and/or space unicorns, but no time! Maybe someday.

For now, I finally took Kavi’s “Heartplanets” design and started trying it on fabric, reducing the size, making a half-drop repeat, and changing the background color to a deep blue. I think I love it.

Anand’s bedroom is space-themed (I think I never photographed it for y’all, sorry, but it’s v. cute when it’s not a giant mess), and I think a throw pillow in Kavi’s fabric will be a perfect addition to the room. 🙂 I’m also going to try it in a scarf & tea towel.

(I’ve ordered proofs, so it’ll be a week or two before this fabric is available for sale. Will let you know.)

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