No Biggie

We’re covering feminist theory in my intro to lit theory class today. I’ve taught an entire course on women & lit., so prep for this week was mostly distilling down 15 weeks of material to 1 week. No biggie.


I did get to give them my ‘rage interview’ assignment, though. They read some theory, and then some fiction, and then:


Many of the 70s feminist SF/F writers (Tiptree, Russ, etc.) were writing out of a certain level of rage against societal restrictions on women’s behavior. For this assignment, you will briefly interview three women about what aspects of gender relations (today, or in their past) enrage (or at least anger / irritate) them. Please turn in about 1 page of journal response.

If possible, choose a woman from each of the following age categories (self-interviews are fine):

a) 20s-30s

b) 40s-50s

c) 60s-70s

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

😠 😠 😠

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